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3Play 440


Not just replay. Full sports covarage for small and mod sized productions.


3Play 440 allows regional and mobile broadcasters, colleges and conferences, and mid-size venues to experience greater creative freedom, integrate smoothly into any location, and produce stunning slow mowtion, instant replay, in-game highlights and social media sports at any speed on any screen - serving officials, fans, and sponsors alike.

  • Perform virtually any sports video production task - home or away - even with a reduced crew, with extensive built-in capabilities
  • Extensive workflow customization, with flexible 4-in, 2 out HD and SD component, composite, and SDI I/O for advanced operators and mobile units serving regional audiences - and beyond
  • Reduce equipment footprint and save on weight, power, setup time, and cabling
  • Save up to 75% compareded with many other replay systems
  • Make a major impression on viewers with visuals designed for maximum audience engagement
  • Produce mobile sports your ways, with the most flexible, customizable, and workflow-adaptable set-up, operation and programming potential available

Integrated Mobile Sports Production

Produce sports programs in a single solution with a small footprint and a low-impact sticker price. Doing the work of multiple systems with its 4-camera ISO recording, 140 hours of HD storage and playback, pristine slow motion, multi-camera replay switching, media publishing, highlights creation, camera color correction and more, 3Play 440's single 2U rack mount solution lets moderate and smaller sports productions gear up vans and booths without piling up the spending on racks of equipment.

Self-Contained Live Shows

Perform essential end-to-end game production even in minimalist in-house setups, and feed a spectacular fan experience to the board. Even without a dedicated switcher, the smallest crew can use 3Play 440 to switch the game for up to 4 cameras, in both live and replay segments; add internal and external sources to play back clips, effects, overlays and transitions; include titles and scoreboard feeds from across the field or over the network; and provide the highlights to social media networks. All in real time.

Multi-angle Switching

Keep all the action right in front of you and the audience, with built-in, multi-view monitoring and switching of every live video source and captured content channel. Preview and switch between every angle simultaneously from either the UI or the controller. Don’t just cut - serve up the best shot at the perfect moment to pump up the crowd, with custom animated transitions and 3D warping video effects. You just can’t get that kind of live editing anywhere else.

ISO Camera Capture

Capturing more angles makes any size game look larger and adds another dimension of drama. They can all be recorded automatically with 3Play 440 to capture, protect, repurpose, and create even more programming from your assets. Available immediately for rapid-turnaround handoff to postproduction in high-quality QuickTime in your native HD resolution.

Built-in Color Matching

Outdoor games are part of a mobile crew’s business. Budget for a dedicated color correction station is not. 3Play 440's advanced proc amp toolbox automates color calibration across all sources, and provides not only consistency but also algorithmically calculated precision to make every lighting change or shift in the weather practically invisible to anyone watching on screen.

Automation & Control

Production sophistication can grow more dazzling, without the growing pains of added crew and added complication. One operator can streamline processes, with one-click macros for complicated or frequently performed actions and sequences. More operators - whether new to the crew, or advanced at their specialty - can breakout control of certain tasks to button-push MIDI devices. Trucks and venues with compatible switchers can use Advanced Media Protocol (AMP) to control clip and playlist actions remotely.

Play Review

If referees need visual verification (or the league rules require it), and restless fans need entertainment during the pause, then 3Play 440 is the one to provide both. Game-clock overlay shows the synchronized sources of camera and timer. Simultaneous playback of multiple angles give a visual comparison side-by-side or picture-in-picture, so you can draw out the tension of the match while putting to rest any questions.

Show-Stopping Motion Control

Smaller productions still need maximum audience engagement, and for sports fans, there’s nothing more riveting than watching a dramatic play in crisp, clear slow motion. 3Play 440 uses your existing, standard HD and SD cameras, feeds the into its breakthrough super-resolution algorithm, and adds T-Bar and jog-wheel control of playback from nearly a standstill to double speed, backward and forward.

Social Sports

Gain more exposure while growing your base to online communities. One-touch publishing directly to social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube gives your own branded content - highlight clips, stills of all replay angles - the potential to go viral and dominate the game-day conversation online.

Intuitive Clip Access

With up to four angles of every play captured at all times, your replay operator has lots of choices to make on the fly. Cut up to 30% of extraneous keystrokes and save time in the crunch, with 3Play 440’s FastClip context-aware text field. Whether you’re renaming, searching for, or moving a clip, FastClip uses what you’re typing to automatically determine what to do - like having your own clip assistant.

Expand Your Brand

Mid-tier productions can’t afford to lose out on the exposure, promotional, and commercial opportunities that better programs can earn - and smaller producers feel the same pain. But strained budgets can’t always add more graphic workstations. 3Play 440 builds in high-impact design elements for your packages, highlights, and sponsor segments - like real-time cloth transitions, 3D video warping, and image transformations with alpha channel and embedded audio - and includes the software to make them yourself.

Visuals that Impress

If four-camera replay will take your games to the next level, overlays will multiply the visual possibilities with whatever your creativity can supply, but without the multiple creative workstations normally required. Any video, graphic, animation, effect, replay, or camera feed stored in the system - or any live source brought in over the network, like telestration, titles, or motion graphics - can be keyed over in full motion, and positioned, scaled, and cropped to create the highest-impact compositions and get more sponsor attention and professional exposure for your sport.

Live-Edit Highlights

In-game highlights editing takes the hottest plays and gets them ready for fans’ appetites while they’re still fresh. With audio, speed control, custom 3D effects and transitions. Yes, you can build them with your own brand elements, yourself - and a music bed for even more of a post-production touch. Your athletes, fans, and big plays all get the star treatment they deserve long before the final buzzer rings.

Integrate Anywhere

Whether moving from van to venue or sideline to booth, 3Play 440 adapts to any space. Link into scoreboard feeds, MAM systems, and other devices. Routers can expand camera count beyond four for more ambitious events, while our SDK opens up workflows with more external applications and fewer workarounds. In connected environments, NewTek TriCaster detects 3Play 440, performs connection-aware configurations automatically, shares playlist duties, executes shared batches of commands, and automates playback sequences - making an exponentially bigger show possible, even in the smallest spaces.

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