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מעכשיו אין צורך לדאוג לכמות כניסות. זה הזמן להשתחרר ממגבלות חומרה ומקילומטרים של כבלים ולחסוך בהוצאות עצומות של רוחב פס מיותר.


זה הזמן להכיר אין סוף יכולות להפקות ושידור חי, כשניתן לגשת למקורות ותכנים, לנתב ולהפיק בטכנולוגית  IP מכל מקום ברשת. כל זאת בטכנולוגיה מהפכנית של חברת  Network Device Interface (NDI) :NewTek.


 תהליך עבודה מתקדם מבוסס Advanced IP Workflow) IP), של NewTek.

הפקות שידור חי בטכנולוגית  NDI - IP

רשת סטנדרתית. יכולות אינסופיות.


As the leader in IP video, NewTek pioneered hybrid IT production switchers a decade ago with the introduction of TriCaster™, harnessing the untapped processing power of commercially available computer technology to make professional video more affordable. Today, our systems are leading the way for broadcasters and video facilities to bridge their transition to IP-based workflows.


Our groundbreaking Network Device Interface is the foundation of NewTek’s Advanced IP Workflow. Anyone can implement NDI to make devices available as video sources or destinations over a LAN, using our sophisticated encoding and communication methods that provide unsurpassed efficiency over standard networking bandwidth.



With NewTek’s Advanced IP Workflow, producers can receive and switch any video source enabled on the LAN—with an exponential twist: our “network effect” also recognizes the video sources connected to other production switchers too. Multiply creativity to include more sources. Wherever they are.


Location and distance are no longer obstacles. You don’t have to directly attach devices, wrangle cables when changing locations, or sacrifice sources for limited hardware inputs. You can even borrow inputs from other switchers in the facility and switch them from a different location, all over the network.



Our native encoding process, perfected over years of developing IT-based production systems, delivers any resolution and format as low-latency, frame-accurate video virtually indiscernible from the signal viewed directly from the camera.



Unlike expensive, dual-10Gbps Ethernet networks typical of many emerging IP architectures, a standard GigE LAN infrastructure is all that’s needed to accommodate NewTek’s efficient, live IP video workflow. Do more productions, save more money.



The first step in enabling your existing production for the IP future is already here. TriCaster customers who upgrade to TriCaster Advanced Edition software enabled with NDI unlock IP connectivity for each existing camera input (and gain four new IP inputs) to grow any production immediately. What’s more, now you can see and switch inputs and outputs from any other updated TriCaster—and other compatible developer solutions—on your network.

NewTek Advanced IP Workflow
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