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TriCaster 2 Elite
The most complete video production platform available today.



TriCaster 2 Elite is a digital media production system with IP connectivity through NDI®. TriCaster 2 Elite moves beyond being only a live video production system to an all-encompassing digital media environment to create content for Internet, mobile, and television distribution.

The agile software driven operation, IP native technology, and production functionality of TriCaster 2 Elite provides extensive capabilities, connectivity, and control. With flexible implementation,
integration of standard network infrastructures, a more complete set of capabilities, and a unique capacity for distributed production, TriCaster 2 Elite removes the traditional boundaries of media
formats, I/O, channels, and delivery.


  • Complete Digital Media Production
    Produce digital media content with multi-channel recording,
    multi-channel remote guest conferencing, upload of clips, multi-
    angle instant replay functionality, packaging of media content
    including multi-cam acquisition, compositing of sophisticated
    static and animated graphics, multimedia and visual effects,
    advanced audio processing, input and output of video in non-
    standard aspect ratios, frame rates, and resolutions for any
    platform and destination. Deliver with up to 8 3G or 2 UHD
    configurable mix outputs.

  • Limitless IP Processing
    NDI® video, audio and data transmission over IP with near-zero
    latency and instant access to and seamless interchange with
    essentially unlimited IP sources from anywhere across the
    network in real time. Linking of multiple locations over IP to
    create sophisticated multi-system, multi-site workflows. Support
    for up to 32 video input sources and up to 48 output signals
    over IP, all independently configurable through software.

  • Interconnected Production
    Inputs, outputs, and media assets are readily available and
    accessible by any user in any location on the network.
    Configure custom user interfaces accessible with LivePanel™.

    A comprehensive macro automation system automates settings
    and supports custom command sequences. Integrate
    production automation with Live Story Creator to run shows
    from formatted Microsoft Word scripts.

  • Distributed Operation
    Use NDI® technology to move video, audio, and data from one
    TriCaster 2 Elite system to another. Encompass compatible
    systems, devices, and applications available to the network.
    Communicate with other systems and compatible edge devices
    over IP and become accessible for operation from any location
    on your network—even from multiple remote locations.



The new free software update to the TriCaster 2 Elite adds new and enhanced features like:

  • Dynamic and powerful nested macros capabilities with variables

  • Send Alpha Channel through one of the MIX outs

  • Encoding of three channels for steaming and recording

  • New version of Live Call Connect, effortlessly integrating popular video communication applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype TX, Microsoft® Teams, Discord, Slack, and Tencent

  • Camera App - now available, for free, for Android and iOS devices

  • help to maintain all important production quality by cancelling or reducing background noise from any source. The tool automatically detects voices and cleans the audio meaning remote callers in loud environments.

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