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סדרת המערכות המקצועיות של משפחת TriCaster


במאי 2014 חברת NewTek שדרגה שוב את היכולות המוצאות בסדרה המקצועית של מערכות אולפן הטלויזיה - TriCaster, וכל זאת ללא תשלום ללקוחות הקיימים של דגמי Mini, 410, 460, 860 ו-8000.


“Our sole focus at NewTek is to advance the way we help video producers become better at what they do––allowing a single person to produce a show with a TriCaster and bypass the traditional broadcast equipment that typically costs ten times as much,” said Dr. Andrew Cross, chief technology officer for NewTek. “This latest release, which we’re making available at no charge, does just that with a range of refinements and new feature introductions designed to help our customer produce even higher quality shows for their rapidly growing audiences.”

  • More comprehensive multi-format, multi-channel recording capabilities. All systems, including the TriCaster 410, now offer full ISO recording capabilities and the ability to instantly recall highlights with integrated replay. Users will enjoy the introduction of “virtual genlock”––which ensures frame accuracy between every ISO recording and vastly simplifies the use of recorded media in non-linear editing systems.
  • Improved monitoring and content viewing­. All systems now give producers significant monitoring flexibility with full support for four VGA outputs, including dual projector configurations and more. Each display port supports an independently selectable output signal and increases choices for multi-screen monitoring and output. Multi-view displays are also fully configurable for more flexible monitoring, workspace customization and overlay marking selection.
  • Improved interoperability with 3Play integrated sports production systems. When used together, TriCaster and 3Play systems now deliver integrated performance unlike any other live production switcher and sports production system on the market. Operators can take advantage of deep cross-platform integration, reciprocal commands and automation for remote operation of specific functions that simplify complex, multi-system productions.  
  • Broad integration with third-party products. Customers working in facilities or larger-scale production environments now have access to a vast ecosystem of workflows with other industry-leading products, such as networked shared-storage, full Vizrt Trio graphics systems, broad GPI support, and more. Direct support for products from 50 different vendors offers the most complete workflow choices of any live video production system.
  • Streamlined control of operational commands.  Automatic media retrieval further helps operators by automatically locating and populating session media, even when drive settings have changed—virtually eliminating the time spent searching for missing media and rebuilding sessions.
  • Enhanced visual capabilities. Using the new advanced rendering engine that is optimized for processing image sampling, downscaling and warping, producers will experience higher-quality video images in shorter amounts of time. New Photoshop blending modes allow users to combine mix/effect layers for more sophisticated compositing, new visual effects, and higher production value.

אופציית Advanced Edition


כיום ניתן לרכוש אופציית תוכנה לסדרה המקצועית המוסיפה עשרות פונקציות מתקדמות נוספות למערכת.


מאז שחרור האופציה, הוסיפה NewTek, פונקציות נוספות ללקוחות שרכשו את האופציה. כמיטב המסורת של חברת NewTek, גם פונקציות נוספות אלו ניתנו חינם ללקוחות שרכשו את הפונקציה.


ב 2015 יצא עדכון מהפכני, שוב ללא תשלום, שמשנה את תהליך העבודה במערכות אלו עם תמיכה בטכנולגיית NDI - IP ופונקציות מתקדמות נוספות.

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