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NewTek Ip Series

Limitless IP and SDI Video Production
Virtualized Media Control

Embrace the new era of live production, integrating the Video Mix Engine into your current infrastructure to accommodate even the most ambitious modern workflows, including hybrid SDI/IP, exclusively IP, 4K Ultra HD, and fully virtualized production. With the Video Mix Engine driving your video operations, your productions will be no longer be defined by the limits of conventional equipment, technology, and processes – but by your vision, imagination and ingenuity.
In the heart of NewTek IP Serias is the:
Video Mix Engine

Product Essentials:

  • Scalable, multi-source live video mixing of 64 source channels, each supporting key and fill, including 44 simultaneous external inputs
  • 8 M/E multi-camera production platform with re-entry for vastly scalable, creative live productions
  • Flexible, multi-destination delivery with 47 multi-format video outputs, including four produced outputs delivered simultaneously over SDI and IP
  • Powerful, multi-bus mix effects, with eight M/E busses and PREVIZ configuration and preview bus, all supporting zero-latency video re-entry
  • Superior stored media playback capabilities, with a total of 75 real-time multimedia players supporting an array of file formats
  • Live, multi-platform social media publishing to engage fans and followers instantly
  • Fully integrated quad-head multiviewer functionality, with dedicated monitor ports, configurable workspaces, and customizable windows
  • Comprehensive audio integration, including 16 external audio mixer inputs and 4 x 8 x 8 channel routing to four audio mix outputs
  • Native integration of NDI®, NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interface technology, supporting video, audio, and data transmission over IP with near-zero latency
  • Support for up to 44 input sources and 35 output signals over IP, all independently configurable through software
  • Instant access to and seamless interchange with virtually unlimited IP sources from anywhere across your network in real time

  • Prolific IP-based workflow supporting integration with products from hundreds of manufacturers and developers, and compatibility with other IP standards to include SMPTE ST 2110


Turnkey Production

Based on the innovative concept of a single system to broadcast, project, stream and record, simultaneously, Video Mix Engine's multiple turnkey functions do the work usually requiring racks of equipment, but integrated into a robust rackmount frame instead. Just one system replaces gear for recording, encoding, switching, submixing, playback, audio mixing, DVE, advanced graphics and titling, animation store, scan conversion, multiple channels of virtual sets, live streaming, camera automation, scopes and monitors, and social media publishing.


Enterprise Integration

Video Mix Engine natively supports a wide variety of media formats and connectivity types, in addition to expanding input capacity exponentially via router control. It easily incorporates legacy hardware, and with API support, offers the potential for external control of almost anything in the switcher. Redundant power supply and multi-tiered fail-safe measures, rear-panel-accessible audio and video patching, monitoring and network connectors, and rackmount configurations round out the physical integration points. External timecode support, and genlock, more-extensive format compatibility for integration with nearly any workflow allow Video Mix Engineto ease into your infrastructure and seamlessly handle your most challenging needs.



The extraordinary versatility of the Video Mix Engine lets you scale up or down to accommodate every program imaginable. Expand to unprecedented coverage with massive, multi-camera production through external video routers. Add a dedicated audio operator and social media producer. Send 35 independent output feeds, for broadcast, stream, display—even over the network transmission to another systems. Smaller program? Shrink back down to size—and let one operator handle the show.

Multi-Engine Workflow

Outfit your production environment with multiple Video Mix Engine systems to cascade capabilities for advanced creative applications, serve content creation needs across your network, or achieve the desired level of system redundancy. With the ability to link engines over IP and connect to multiple engines from a single NewTek IP Series 4-Stripe Control Panel, you can have universal access to production sources, outputs, and live operations throughout your infrastructure regardless of your physical location.

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